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Education Stuff

James Madison University – Harrisonburg, VA – 1975 – BS in Radio & Television, Minor in Photography
Regent Universtiy – Virginia Beach, VA – 1985 – MA in Television Producing and Directing

Work Stuff


I started my professional career with a 8 year stint at CBN in Virginia Beach, VA. I started as a Technical Director for the flagship show The 700 Club. I eventually oversaw the development of a Videographics department. While managing that department and working in the role of Senior Designer, I designed the first on-air logo for The Family Channel, which would later become known a FOX Family and, eventually, ABC Family.



After spending some time wandering around Australia, I went to work for NBC’s newly formed Cable Division located in Fort Lee, NJ. I participated in the launch and development of the graphics/branding looks for CBNC and later MSNBC. This facility was mostly Quantel equipment with Paintboxes and HAL’s. We also had 3d workstations running Alias Power Animator (the forerunner of Maya). I worked on all 3 systems over a 7 year period designing and animating network branding elements, show opens and show content graphics. The inside joke at CNBC was they changed logo designs as often as Sue Herara changed hairstyles.






My one experience with “headhunting” was during my last year at NBC Cable, I was approached by Alyse Dickman, one of the founders of Telezign. CNBC had hired Telezign to do a couple of projects, and I guess she was impressed. I went to work for her after a few weeks of talking. I spent a little over 3 years at Telezign, later shortened to TZ. We designed and produced branding campaigns and packages for networks and local stations. This job gave me the opportunity to graduate from Quantel to Autodesk Flame. This is also where I first used a Apple Mac. One of our biggest clients was HBO, who commissioned a major rebranding campaign in 1998. This represented one of the high points of my time at TZ. I worked as editor, designer and animator on that project.







Next, a bit of name dropping!! I spent the next 4 years working for Kyle Cooper at Imaginary Forces in Hollywood. Kyle has since left IF and know has his own company Prologue Films. While at IF I worked as Post Production Supervisor and Senior Animation Designer. We produced a mix of TV branding campaigns, film main title sequences and trailers, and TV commercials. I worked with Autodesk Flame/Inferno, Adobe After Effects and Photoshop. I also supervised visual effects film shoots. In 2000 we won the Saul Bass Award for best title sequence for the movie Bedazzled and in 2001 we won an Emmy for the title sequence for Masterpiece Theater’s American Collection on PBS. IF was a very difficult place to sit still. I think I grew more professionally and creatively there than any other time in my career!!







Since the summer of 2003 I have been working at NBC Universal as a Senior Graphic Artist and the Visual Effects Supervisor for NBC's Marketing and Promotions MAGIC Room. We do the graphic design and animation for on-air and digital promotion of NBC’s primetime shows. Each fall we are responsible for designing and implementing the branding campaign for the network. I work with Autodesk Flame, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator and Cinema 4D. When we shoot original material for promos, I supervise the visual effect shooting and post production. It's been an honor and I won many awards over the years working on special projects for such big events as the Olympics, the Superbowl and more recently NBC's yearly live musicals. I play a major role in division wide planning and preparation for the ever changing technology and distribution challenges facing a broadcast TV network. Recently I played a lead role in switching our whole marketing division from a videotape based workflow to a tapeless one. Every day I go to work at NBC I help lead a department of both veteran and young designers. it's truly a great and challenging place to grow my career and to teach young folks the ropes in a vibrant and rewarding business.